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PerfLog is an open source performance and diagnostic logging framework for J2EE applications. Pexus PerfLog logging framework offers deep J2EE application performance insight to application architects, application developers and IT operations team. PerfLog generated log files can help diagnose performance issues and pin point problem areas of key J2EE application components right down to the application JVM and deployed host with application contextual data such as user id, form parameters, full SQL queries etc.

Developers and architects can integrate the framework with their J2EE applications without any modification to their application code and also extend the framework easily if needed. Integration is acheived via configuration of required performance filter classes in J2EE deployment descriptors.

Performance data is logged to files and database. Data logged to files is compatible with log monitoring tools such as Splunk.

PerfLog is available as a free open source community edition with Apache 2.0 License.

Customization, consulting and support services are available from Pexus LLC.

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PerfLog - Key Features

  • Enhanced J2EE Application logging
  • Add business context to application logs.
  • Integrate easily using J2EE filter pattern via application configuration files.
  • Get application debug trace for slow performing request based on response time thresholds.
  • Supports asynchronous logging for minimal or no overhead
  • Monitor and capture performance metrics for J2EE Servlets, Portlets, Web Serviecs (JAX-RPC and JAX-WS), JDBC SQL queries.
  • Track J2EE requests across multiple servers (JVMs) in a clustered and distributed environment.
  • Monitor custom transactions and easily extend to suit any application requirements.
  • Persist J2EE request performance metrics to log files and database.
  • Leverage log monitoring tools such as Splunk for quick analytics and problem diagnosis.
  • Free and open source Community Edition with Apache 2.0 License.
  • Customization and consulting services available from Pexus LLC if required.

PerfLog Editions

PerfLog is available as a free open source package with pre-compiled binaries. Support and customization services is available from Pexus LLC.

PerfLog - Community Edition

PerfLog Community Edition - Source Trunk

PerfLog Community Edition - Binaries

Version 1.2.6

PerfLog - Quick Start Services

Pexus offers customization, support and consulting services to help customers integrate PerLog with their J2EE application and J2EE environment. Contact Pexus for more information.

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