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Did you ever feel you don't have any control of your personal data on the internet? Wondered what happens to all the e-mail and message exchanges you do using the free internet e-mail services such as Yahoo Mail or GMail or Hotmail and the likes? All those personal communication and intimate details gets spliced and diced and gets sold to the highest bidder. They may say data is not personally identifiable, but indirectly anyone can infer and decide for themselves. With malicious attackers targetting sites with large concentration of users, security breaches happens so frequently and when that happens, wondered where your data ends up? Now there is a solution - Own your private little server in your own home or office - It's Your Server, Your Data and Your Terms!. Use your Personal Server as a short temporary storage of your e-mails and download it securely to your PC or devices. Use it to send e-mails without having free email service companies sniff and store it's contents before it even reaches your recepients.

Run personal server application from your mobile devices, tablets, desktop or lap top without exposing your personal data. It's your private server that perfectly complements your mobile lifestyle. Of course you can share your data and media files with your family and your trusted associates and friends!

Patriot PS Personal Server Solution available in three editions:

Note: Patriot PS OS is a customized distribution based on Debian Linux. It uses unmodified Debian binary pacakages. The sources to these pacakages are available from Debian web site or from Pexus LLC on request. Pexus LLC only charges for applications developed by Pexus LLC that is included along with this distribution and that makes it easy for configuring and using it as a Personal Server Solution. Pexus LLC may include additional applications for the Personal Server Solution. The system is setup to update the core OS packages directly from Debian update site. This ensures you get all critical security updates when they are available from the official Debian site.

Patriot PS - Personal Server System

Complete system with pre-installed OS and application solution

Patriot PS is small, compact, fanless personal server computing system and is designed to run 24x7. It comes pre-installed with a customized Linux distribution with additional applications written specifically for the Patriot PS . It is easy to setup and configure. Built on open, hardened Linux Operating System, it will open up your world to a whole new set of possibilities to manage your personal data and your personal automation tasks in your home and office.

  • Your own little private secure server in your home and in complete privacy
  • Easy to configure responsive web application accessible from mobile phones, tablet computer, desktop or laptop compters
  • Enables easy download and configuration of community edition of two most popular personal cloud applications - Own Cloud and Pydio for sharing your documents and media files with family and associates securely
  • Access your personal server data from home or when away from home
  • Easily turn off or turn on access to selected applications from Internet with scheduled tasks for pre-scheduled time period thereby reducing exposure of your server to Internet.
  • Easily configure as a personal/family mail server using your own domain name and create unlimited mail boxes for your family and friends. (Note: You will require a registered domain name and a dynamic DNS service if using dynamic IP common with most home ISP connection)
  • Integrates with popular Dynamic DNS services so that you can acceess your server using a name even if the external IP adddress of your ISP connection changes - DNS Service providers include - Dyn DNS, DNS Exit, DNS Park Name Cheap, No IP, Sitelution, Zone Edit, CJB Net, DNS Made Easy, DHIS, Free DNS, Static Cling, Zerigo, Zonomi,, gnudip
  • Supports easy to use webmail access from anywhere using popular and secure Squirrel mail or download mail using mobile or desktop clients such as iPhone, Android, Outlook, Thunderbird etc. using standard secure e-mail protocols.
  • Easily configure as a private family and friends chat server - use freely available chat clients (coming soon)
  • Use as a network attached storage accessible form Windows or Mac PC or popular mobile clients
  • Easy to use backup and restore functions
  • If you are an advanced Linux techie get additional value by installing additional Linux applications. Advanced users can do advanced management using Webmin
  • If you are a software developer - partner with us to develop your next personal data application that will change the world!
  • Key System Specs
    • Dual Core Intel Atom or similar processor - Enough computing power with power efficiency to keep your server runing 24x7
    • Comes with 500 GB Hard Disk - ample storage for all your data for years to come
    • Expand external storage with multiple USB drives
    • Comes with 4GB Memory - enough memory to run all your personal server applications
    • 6 USB, 2 COM Ports, Audio Out, Mic, VGA/HDMI, Gigabit Ehternet
    • Aluminum Chassis with fanless design for quite and long trouble free operation
    • FCC Class A and Class B Certified for Home/Office Use
    • Small Size - Dimensions - 8.2 inch x 7.4 inch x 1.96 inch

Patriot PS - Personal Server ISO Image

Single Click DIY ISO Image Install on your own PC Compatible system (Software)

If you have an unused desktop PC that you want to convert to a Personal Server or install Patriot PS Personal Server solution yourselves on your own existing PC Compatible system, then this is the edition for you. You need to have a system that should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • An Intel/AMD x64 bit computer
  • Minimum 2GB memory
  • Minimum 80GB Hard Disk
  • A Debian/Linux supported wired network card
  • A bootable USB port or a DVD-ROM to boot from
  • A VGA monitor and keyboard during install

You will have to download and burn the ISO image to a DVD-ROM or USB stick and boot with the ISO image. Patriot PS boot offers an auto install which is recommended that will install the OS without any user input. It will install to the first disk. Ensure you have backed up all data from this first disk before starting this process. Once installed you can follow the discovery and configuration process as Patriot PS Personal Server system.

Get the ISO Image for FREE for limited time at Pexus LLC store.

Pexus is working on number of additional personal server applications that will be available soon and also working with independent software developers to develop personal server applications that will continue to provide utility and value to your personal server while keeping your data in your own home! If you are an independent software developer looking to create a personal server application or a PC compatible system reseller and would like to pre-install Patriot PS OS and applications on your system and resell to capitalize on this fast emerging personal computing market please contact us at

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