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To help us solve your problem please complete the following information and submit the form. Include as much information as possible such as description of the problem, error messages, and events that lead to the problem. Please include your name , company name and e-mail address as indicated in your order.

Once you finish furnishing the requested information, please sumbit the form and record the problem number that is generated as a reference in future correspondance. A copy of this submission will be mailed to your e-mail address also.






E-mail Address




Eval Version    

Registered Version   

Please tell us the source from where you downloaded.


X-Deep/32 Version


Remote Host OS


Remote Host OS Version  

Window Manager


Other Window Manager  

Window Mode


Color Resolution
(Screen Depth)


Please include any other information that you might think lead to the problem or information that we should be aware of.

If you have any special files, test programs, etc., please include them in an email and send us at, do not forget to mention the problem number in the mail header or the mail message.

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