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X-Deep/32 X Server

Pexus LLC, currently offers it's latest release of X-Deep/32 4.x X Window Server for Windows XP/NT/2000/95/98/ME. This release is based off X11R6.5.1 release from The Open Group.

It's the best value in the market for the combination of features, reliability and performance. Our vision is to create a simple to use and robust X Window Server for Windows operating systems. We also provide pre-compiled binaries of useful X Clients also. Using X-Deep/32 you have the capability of running X-display applications  on your Windows desktop along with other Windows application. Our PC X-Server package brings the power of X-Window System and LINUX/UNIX at a very affordable price. The latest release 4.x introduces lot of usability improvements that is sure to have you up and running in no time.

Why X-Deep/32?

  • Power of LINUX/UNIX and X-Window system on your Microsoft Windows desktop.
  • A cheaper alternative to expensive and dedicated  X terminals.
  • Run your PC Windows based databases, spreadsheets, and other software titles simultaneously while running remote X Window applications.
  • Display remote X-Windows based applications on your desktop over the network (LAN, WAN, Dial-Up Lines with LBX - Low Bandwidth X)

Easy Install and Uninstall

  • X-Deep/32 4.x comes with improved install and uninstall program.
  • With new features like auto host detection and auto font server detection, you will be up and running in no time.

Server Configuration

  • Integrated X-Server options configuration via property sheets.

X Client Launcher

  • Launch your local and remote X applications using the launcher program
  • Create icons for local and remote applications in program folder
  • Control and Capture client application's standard out and standard error

and much more .....

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